Mercado Box Meda

Mercado Box Meda

Wine and Olive Oil Selection by Sérgio Brás Da Silva.


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Mercado Box Meda Basket

They invited you to dinner and you don’t know what to bring? The Mercado Box Meda won’t leave anyone indifferent.

To start you open D. Graça 2016 Natural Sparkling Wine and you will see that it will perfectly accompany those snacks and the small starters that are on the table, then you open D. Graça Vinhas Antigas calm your friends and say that it is to breathe, reserves in a cool place and away from the curious, open the other two reds, Foral de Meda 2018 and Fraga Alta 2010, soon the subject of heated conversation about who prefers younger wines vs older wines. Don’t forget the White! There is always someone who loves white wine and this Rebelo Afonso Branco Reserva is going to ravish, it has even won some awards! D. Graça Vinhas Antigas has breathed enough, I advise serving closer to the end of the meal, so there are no intruders in the symphony orchestra that will start…

And the Olive Oil Vale da Cerdeira? tastes it pure or with a drop of balsamic vinegar, oil the bread!